idea-board: the smart way to brainstorm across a network

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about idea-board

There are many programs (e.g., NetMeeting, MSN Messenger, CVW) that offer a shared whiteboard application; and there are some programs that support mindmapping. But there are no applications that I've seen that intelligently combine the two concepts to allow real-time brainstorming/mindmapping by a group of people (with version control) that results in a usable mindmap and outline. idea-board is envisioned to be a project that fills this need. It is in the early stages of requirement writing; and I will be seeking programming assistance to speed its development.

Planned/envisioned (subject to change):
Platform: as portable as possible; must minimally work on Windows
Language: need to investigate this
Architecture: currently envisioning client/server architecture
Security: minimal--the application is currently scoped to be run behind a firewall; will try to architect it so that secure channels can be easily added later.

Diagram 1: how the software would work

Diagram 2: beginning thoughts on the client/server architecture Logo